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Jails and prisons are already known as epicenters of infection in the US, along with nursing homes.

Edit: some numbers for California

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Game looks good but you need a copywriter. Someone who'll make sure things like "collaborate together" don't make it into your trailers.

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XM was concentrated based on cell data usage, so I doubt it's where they had poor visibility. Some of the places with highest concentration by far were Google owned buildings

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We understand in theory how the Sun works but this doesn't mean we can build one

We can't build a star, but we understand fusion and we are working on building fusion reactors.

In the same way, if we do manage to understand the nature of consciousness then it might be possible to figure out how to create something conscious. It may not be a human-like brain, but any type of artificial consciousness would be a revolutionary achievement.

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Interesting that everyone chose to live in dystopian worlds. I'd have assumed that people would normally want to avoid that.