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I work in a workplace that prioritises happiness and individual development. It's really awesome and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.

Though, there are (I guess always) a few people who really, really don't do well in the company, they underperform, actively try to do as little as possible and complain about their lives a lot. Because of that they also have a hard time bonding with coworkers.

Because my company prioritises people, they do not fire them, instead they let them do more and more (expensive) courses to make them "find themselves", in addition to external career advisors and professional mental support. But this has been going on for years now, for the same few people, who seem to have zero growth...

My question is, when is the point of taking your losses as a company and to let someone go, because they really aren't at their place? Or, what would you do in this situation?

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Thank you for your response!

Indeed we now have an annual performance measuring method that everyone (employees, execs) is very happy with. (Took a few years of experimenting and finetuning for sure.)

I guess now we have those tools, it will hopefully give a good ground for having more straight convos with these individuals.

But indeed as you say, in such a company there is a lot if trust going both ways, and it's easy to take advantage of. Our hiring process did get more strict over the past few years, which has worked very well. And the ones I was talking about have already been at the company quite long.

Time will tell. Thanks again for your response!