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I believe it's important to realize that when Hitler was coming into power he had not yet murdered anyone and at that time was considered to simply be "enforcing the immigration laws on the books". He made the same vague promises of "making the country great again", as well. The lead up to his coming into so much power must be kept in mind here and those parallels are exactly what are disturbing people so much.

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I went to Munich in August... I spent hours reading about this at Dachau... and in Munich I actually studied the historical places of interest to Hitler and the Third Reich, the speeches that he made, and the history of how his power developed, and the parallels struck me even then. So I'd say I took more than enough time to familiarize myself with this, thanks for the condescending assumptions, though.

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This has been upvoted a lot but I'll share an opposite view. I am having a type of brain surgery in two weeks and I wanted to know more about the procedure I will be having, so I looked it up on Youtube. There are 167,000 views and 125 comments, almost all of them are from others like me who wanted to know what would happen during the surgery.

So from my perspective it is not as rare or weird of an example as you think.

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My history professor in Munich originally made the comparison. Not that you should take him at his word either; by all means do your own research, but saying I'm trying to "deceive" people is a stretch.