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I can't remember what it was, but my SO and I saw a recording of a smaller show you did - not the really big showy ones, seemed like it was a comedy club. Whatever, it was smaller, I'm pretty sure. Maybe.

Anyways, to remain somewhat related - do you prefer smaller audiences or larger ones? Do you adopt different strategies in your comedy, tell different stories, or do you not really differentiate.

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Release a few 3D models in .stl format on /r/3Dprinting and I'm sure you'd have more than a few takers to do it just for fun :)

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Any chance you'll be at the Comedy Cellar again anytime soon? Just out of curiosity :) And thank you for the honest answer. If you have time to follow up, what do you think it would take to get you back to the MSG? Or is there another venue thats on the comedian bucket list? edit

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:D I'd love to once I get my printer dialed in. Looking forward to it if you guys do release them at some point :)

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It's just a mystery how the box was undamaged, but there was a good six-inch dent in the back of the TV.

Best damn TV I've ever owned too. We got money for it since it was inspected and re-packed by the UPS store guy, but still, that whole situation was a pile of hairy gorilla arse.