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Just here to say that this is awesome! I am an attorney, and law school is just the biggest scam ever. You absolutely don't need law school to practice law. You've got so much paralegal experience that you probably were more experienced than most attorneys even without taking the bar! I know that I could not survive at my job without my paralegal.

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I just did the Barbri simulated written exam and according to their scoring check list, I got two 1s and a 3 on the essays. I was fairly confident as my essays truly were organized well and came to clear conclusions. My problem is that I missed some of the potential rules and possible claims. I guess my question is, for the real essays, is it more important to be a solid writer with clear conclusions and good analysis or is it better to know every single rule and just get them out?

I have heard that Barbri grades essays much harder than the real test, so I am not really sure how to gauge my sample essay.

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This is very broad, but did these evangelicals you spoke with realize and understand that religion and government are not supposed to mix?