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lukehanleia154 karma

I always assumed Arabic, while it was used for important words, was not dominant in its portion of the language. But that other languages were amalgamated. Like the use of clearly Spanish inspired words such as cielago. Would this have been somewhat the kind of approach you took?

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Is working the art department on projects a fun collaboration?

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While Arabic is a common root for the Fremen language, what other languages played a part in building it and what was the motivation for using them? Spanish is suggested to be a possibility because of Fremen words such as cielago.

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What part of the evolution of human languages into the future did you take into account? It’s quiet interesting, the idea of humanity developing new languages far into the future.

lukehanleia3 karma

But doesn’t it come from the Fremen once following the Zensunni religion? Before their culture changed on Arrakis and manipulated by the Bene Gesserit?