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lukedimewalker2 karma

Thanks for the answer. You >are< really good. (I draw myself (comics) and it's clear that one gets better over time. But some guys are on such a stellar level that you wanna throw your brush away .... *sob* Yeah Mort Drucker was a god and you're one too. Maybe Sebastian Kr├╝ger could be included in this league too (but not sure)


lukedimewalker2 karma

Hey Tom,

I'm a Fan of your stuff for at least a decade or so. I think I haven't missed a blog post on Richmonds Mad blog for eons and the greatest things to look at are your caricature workshop announcement pages (where you put all the faces of the upcoming participants) - those are INSANE. You're just FANTASTIC at bringing out the personal traits of those average joe guys in the pictures. Is there any secret ritual before you start? Are you using just one pic as reference for those ? How many years did it take you to feel you're becoming really really good ?

(aside question: what is (was? since you seem to be injured) you bench press max?