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As the former CEO of reddit what is your opinion on the hiring and later dismissal of Aimee Knight?

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Hi ! Sorry for a lot of questions but this is something I have an interest in, here are a few questions.

While reforestation is important, how do we convince farmers, landowners and governments to switch from more profitable activities such as animal raising and crop growing and switch to forestry growing on their land? Is it also worth planting more trees in cities and creating more “green spaces”?

How would you ensure reforestation would be beneficial to a local ecosystem, ie ensure that native wildlife and fauna aren't affected? Would a project replant local shrubs, bushes and flowers?

What is your opinion on genetic modification of plants and trees to act as more effective carbon uptakers stores?

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks very much for your answers. Much appreciated. The GMO aspect is of particular interest to me as I'm a 2nd year Medical Biotechnology student. So I have interests in gmo`s. I believe that people are afraid of what they don't know, education is key for acceptance. In my personal opinion, if a native plant that has had a single gene altered is more efficient at carbon removal than a non engineered natives we should plant more. We can have our cake and eat it in a sense. Native flora and better carbon capture.