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Big Daddy Sammy coming in hot

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Being the CEO, would you allow your employees to refer to you as chief? Or do you lean more towards Mr Reich? Or a super informal Sam?

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I asked another question but thought this deserved a new post - My dad played highschool hockey with Jeff Parker; did you ever skate with him? I believe he was playing for the Sabres around the same time as you.

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One of my dad's highschool teammates went on to play in the NHL for a handful of games in the 80s, spent most of his money on a nice cabin in northern Minnesota and a small yacht, both of which he had to sell to pay bills a few years later. Did you spend wildly when you first made it big? or were you more conservative with that first big payday

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I sometimes see him around town and he always thinks I'm my older brother (my brother was born when my dad was in highschool so Jeff knew of him growing up). He always appears to be in good spirits so that's always good :) Heres a pic of him with my dad and a local coach from last September! http://i.imgur.com/pQ9R7sW.jpg