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As another physicist I was wondering if you're aware that the calculation you performed is basically meaningless?

I mean... We all perform those calculations during lunch break. But it's not like that the hypothesis you are using make specific sense. You're not accounting for lots of things (how common is a word, how often some words or constructs go together etc...etc...). Furthermore, there's the thing with a posteriori vs a priori. Finally, there's the debate of what plagiarizing actually means. what do you think about it?

(BTW, what would be the probability that she just slipped the rickroll vs doing it on purpose? I think that this is the topic that should be discussed, more than the generic BS about loving the housband)

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Can we do away with this positive spin at least? Can we just say "it's going to be hard but we need to do this" instead of using this offending jargon?

Not meeting anyone for months plain sucks. Skiping a friend every other day is nowhere near meeting the 30 people you meet every day at work, plus your family, plus your social circles. It is social distancing.

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I'm ITalian and baffled by the fact that it is more common in Italy to find in shops dutch tomatoes than Italian ones. Which are inevitably tasteless. How does this make sense?

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I'm in Italy, which means that I haven't met anyone for 6 weeks.

What can we do to let politicians understand that closing forever is not an option? I live alone and I'm about to get crazy. Both my neighbouring families live with partners and kids and from what I hear from the walls they're about to kill each other.

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Yeah, I talk with someone sometimes. But 2 Skype calls for work a day and a phone call every other day plus some WhatsApp bullshiting is not the same as meeting people in person. and it is not the amount you meet in a normal day also, by far. But it's not staying at home alone the issue. Is the fact that our government has locked down the whole nation indefinitely. If it were some places for some times, with dynamical adjustment, you would have some hope. This way just looks super gloom