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I've been writing ever since I can remember. I even have a "book" I made my folding paper in half and scribbling with a marker. I think my interest in books probably stemmed from the fact that I wasn't really allowed to go on the internet, watch TV or movies, or play video games until I was a bit older. Books were my best and only form of non-outdoor entertainment.

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I would love to try all sorts of things, particularly when I'm in college. As a career, though, I'm looking into foreign correspondence, e.g. journalism that takes place mostly in another country. And I'm sure I'll never stop writing fiction.

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Some publishers specifically say that submissions need to be written by authors over a certain age. Also, while I viewed my age as something unusual and unique, some publishers will automatically write young applicants off because of legal/communication issues. In addition, it was difficult to keep up with the paperwork and marketing while being a student. I overcame these challenges by finding an amazing publisher and communicating the importance of my writing to my parents, who were happy to help me find extra time to write.

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There's a site called Write Your World that's a great community for young writers. I also recommend joining a local writing club and attending a writing course (my favorite was held at Interlochen). In addition, the best advice I can give anyone is to not be deterred by rejection!

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Hmm, that's a bit of a secret! But Book III has elements of thriller/mystery set in the near future that centers on a female character forced to solve riddles.