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Ok THAT is awesome!

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Since it hasn’t been said, I guess I’ll be the asshole that asks because I know someone will:

How much money did you have before you started saving? Not many people can afford to quit a job because they feel like it and travel across the country without some sort of financial and/or social security system.

Now that’s out of the way...what I think what you’re doing is amazing! I’m glad you had the idea of just going with what you felt would make you happy and inspired. Safe travels!

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Shit like that makes me sad. Look at the child and get a fucking blood test done.

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Ahhhhh now I can understand it better. Not that the clinical explanation is bad.

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OMG I finally found someone who has a phobia of driving I'm really paranoid about my car breaking down in some random place where I'm not safe, being outside of my "safe space", don't drive on highways, and some other shit.

When I tell people about it, the response is basically "well that's fucking stupid."

I open myself up to people I can trust, and you kick me when I'm down? That's rude.