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I'm lucky enough to have sensor-triggered lights where I live. At night typically it reacts within 5 seconds of pulling up to the light and flips accordingly. It kinda sucks when you have the green and some random car pulls up to the light half a second before you could possibly floor it and make it through the light as it's yellow, but you can't QUITE tell if it's a cop or not.

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So... you're telling me there are no secret space shuttles with titanium skin developed in secret with a team of oil drillers trained to be astronauts to plant a nuke on an asteroid to save the world?

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200g protein = 6 pounds of chicken breasts? A typical 4-ounce serving has about 21-23g of protein, depending on the cut. So 200g of protein from chicken breasts alone is aprox 1 kilogram of chicken, or about 2.2 pounds. However, that should not be your only protein intake. You should be getting a variety from a component in every meal.

I agree with you on bb.com though. There is an insane amount of information given by people who are professionals in the fitness industry. Key word: professionals. Many many pros have accounts, and many people who aren't pros have a wealth of knowledge on how a proper diet should be structured and what you need in order to be successful. I'd like to think I'm one of those people.

Also, you aware?

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Can't recommend skiplagged enough. It also has a little graph that shows you the prices of all the flights around the time you are searching, letting you see if you can save big money by going on a specific day or not. I mean, I can fly two 1000 mile flights nonstop for $80 total if I pick my dates well. It's incredible.

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Supplements, at least in the bodybuilding\weightlifting industry, are for the extra 10-20% gain at the very top of the performance for people who already have the exercise and diet regime down 100% in their routine. If you do not have these two core principles, supplements are (in large & part) a waste of money. The only two things I can say are the exception are:

Creatine for increased strength while taking it (specifically for weight lifting if that's your goal), and a Multi-vitamin to make sure your diet isn't deficient in certain nutrients. With the modern diet of processed foods galore you can never be too certain what you are or aren't getting.