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1.) How can we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we have seen market manipulation and bring about concerted legal action against the perpetrators? As in, what is your recommended protocol for gathering evidence using public facing data and insider data?

2.) Connecting to question one, how can we as retail investors and concerned citizens help to end this?

3.) How can people impacted by short selling tactics recoup their loses?

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Former ML engineer here. How does this differentiate from traditional ML approaches like decision trees? If it differentiates a lot, then what approach does it most resemble?

Second, can it handle large, multidimensional datasets with complex relationships, similar to deep learning approaches? Does it have forward/back propagation or some training mechanism?

Lastly, and more of a comment, I feel like AI is a misnomer for what's actually happening in the field. It automates a particular decision in a limited domain, and leverages statistical techniques and usually concepts in linear algebra and calculus to garner sometimes useful results, especially when the computing is distributed.

God, I must sound pretentious in my last paragraph. I'm just a tad tired of hearing the term AI thrown around and it misleading folks. I like people who build stuff, and this seems interesting.

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I upvoted the downvote to keep this thread alive. I hate to be the grumpy skeptic, but may you point to some approach or a paper that inspired this? Anything in the world that you can concretely analogize related to computer science/machine learning/applied mathematics? I want to understand, but I'm not getting much.

Some of the equations and architectures in deep learning can get pretty complicated for some people in the field, and it sometimes takes me a few reads to fully digest a paper, no doubt. But, calling it complex for the sake of it simply being complex doesn't help us understand what this is. We are using the same mathematical principles to build these architectures. What might they be, specifically?

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Thank you kindly for the in-depth answers. Even though our current environment looks depressing, I do believe your recommendation of putting pressure on Congress could and will help. Someone needs to stand up.

I am uncertain if you're debating the action listed in #2 because of possible retaliation or potential investor backlash, or whatever it may be, but I implore you to pursue this.

If you decide to go with this option, or any grassroots oriented action for pressuring Congress for reform, do let me know. I am willing to help in anyway that I can, and I'm sure many others are willing to help as well.

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I'm not doubting your originality, I believe you. I'm asking about the principles you used to build your algo. Would it help if I went through your source code and asked questions about a particular function/class and what it accomplishes in your program?