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Not the OP, but I’m kind of your wife in this situation. I have two small children who need my attention all the time. They need to be held, cuddled, played with and entertained all day. When I collapse into bed, after folding laundry, packing school bags and tidying up, I don’t want to be touched or have to think about anyone but myself. Sorry. But I can’t meet anymore needs that aren’t my immediate need for rest.

I’d love to get a real break for a day or two - no chores, no childcare, just whatever I want to do and a good long nap! But towards the end of that weekend I would definitely feel a lot more up for bedroom stuff. Not in a “I did the washing up for you so you do sex for me” way, but in a way that says “I want you to feel rested and relaxed”. For me, if I don’t get enough sleep and I’m stressed, there’s no way I could feel sexy. So starting to build more time for her to feel relaxed and herself again (i.e. not Mum or wife) might help you out too.

I’m not the OP and not a sex expert at all though, just a tired mom who is on Reddit while feeding a baby!