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What is one way you that really helps you deal with writing's block in the realms of music, lyrics, and story writing?

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Do you seek out the bands that you sign or do they come to you?

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Great and thanks for the words of advice! I'll get on that book asap! Hopefully I get to check you guys out at the NYCC, saving up for that. I haven't spoken to you since that time you all did warped and waiting 3 hours to ask you the only question my 15 year old year self could only begin to want to comprehend: "What's it like sharing your music with the world" and you replied "Oh, it's very cool, very cool." Sincerely worth the wait :D

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What was the most difficult part about writing the Year of the Black Rainbow Novel? What advice would you give to an aspiring writer? Also are you currently looking to publish authors the way you sign on Evil Ink Records? (Its been a goal of mine to one day work with you in both music and writing)

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Why were the vocals on Thank you scientist's album reproduced to have the vocals nearly drown out the rest of the instruments? I remember speaking to Sal about it and he kinda shrugged "Idk." I was just curious.