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Dr. Paul, I agree philosophically with the free-trade, libertarian principles that you endorse. However, I have always struggled with understanding how to draw the line with some things. For example, a popular criticism to your views is "Well, what about meat inspectors? Should we get rid of them?" My question is, how can we let the market regulate itself when we have come so far in the wrong direction in some markets (take the cattle industry, to continue with my example)? We have huge feed lots that contribute to food poisoning, antibiotic resistance mechanisms, and environmental waste, yet if they were to disappear suddenly it would be catastrophic to the food economy of the USA. Your thoughts? Thank you for doing this AMA.

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Aaaaand he didn't answer. That sucks. I really wanted an answer on this.

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And in all that time, he never updated his website.

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He said “Ask me anything”

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What is the best book on fly fishing?