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Also the producers won't spin it that way. They will tell her that she gets to be on television, and tell her side of the the story. Not to mention the free vacation.

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Yes I agree this is a good work of fiction. Probably the biggest tip is the lack of specifics. Naming the actual town this happened in to giving the case number would greatly increase creditability. That combined with the small mistakes and the lack of a response to these comments indicates to me this is fake.

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In practice, people rarely did, even for significant amounts of money, because of the principle of the thing.

I don't think they have ever done this for large sums of money though. If you are spiting $1000 losing out on the $50 to punish, or get revenge might still be reasonable especially if you are employed and aren't desperate for money. However, if you bump the amount up $1,000,000 then 5% is is still $50,000 I'm not so sure that most people would be willing turn down that much money just for the principle of the thing.

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What is the evidence that the pro-Mubarak protesters are paid? I'm not doubting you as I strongly suspect that they are paid myself. But I only know what I've seen on TV. I saw that some of them had police ids but some one else pointed out that the police have a lot to loose if Mubarak is forced out of prower, so they might be willing to do it for free, also many of them are thugs and would enjoy getting back at the protesters who bested them last week. Do you know of anyone who was offered money to be pro-Mubarak or something like that?