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From a thread further down:

Just gonna slide in here to mention that OP is a contributor to r/Sino, essentially the T_D of Chinese nationalist propaganda.

This is a sub that auto-bans dissenting opinions to force a seemingly unbroken narrative of pure orgasmic pride in the Chinese state. Weird?

Pretty fuckin' weird.

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Everything is so not fine, dude...

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I think the problem is that the stigma towards mental illness is so bad in Japan that people just won't admit it to themselves (hence creating the term hikikomori) nevermind seek help from a medical professional. And from what I've heard (ex's brother lived there) the dr's are pretty clueless as well.

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Are you OK, dude?

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I think it's partly that no one wants to believe they work with/ hired a serial killer. The sort of person who gets away with this stuff for any length of time is very good at manipulating people and making themselves look like victims. I can imagine them getting extremely upset at the merest suggestion they were doing anything but trying they're best to save lives, how could someone even suggest such a thing, yada yada bullshit and lies.

It's natural for humans to convince themselves of what they want to believe is true, we all do it, and if everyone else believes it, it makes it even more likely that we'll play along. I'm not absolving the people around him, but he used that fact to his advantage. There should be measures in place to protect us from our own nature; I'm not qualified to say what that should look like though.