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lostineschermindmaze8 karma

hi jenny! thank you for doing this AmA.

seeing as you are working with a foundation to provide a free app for people to work on their mental health... what can i (26m) do for my own mental health?

i currently live in a country where mental health talk is taboo, my parents don't really seem to understand, and my siblings and friends are good for support but i feel guilty constantly going to them for help (i feel like a burden).

i have a good job but i cant afford a psychologist, i stay relatively active and do hobbies i enjoy, but i somehow can't seem to shake this feeling... i feel like i have anxiety (never been officially diagnosed) and with my mood changes i feel like potentially bipolar (but i dont want to claim to have a mental health issue without diagnosis) it just feels that way and its something ive dealt with for the past 10 years.

saw a therapist for a bit whilst i was under my parents insurance but after a few sessions i was sort of coaxed (by my parents) to say i was ok and didnt need it anymore (i suspect it wasnt actually part of their insurance and was too expensive for them).

what else is there to do?

thank you for taking the time and apologies for the long message, i just wanted to provide context.