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If you look at the layout of the islands and the patterns of the past 100+ years of eruptions, it's clear that these areas like Leilani Estates are destined to be heavily impacted--if not totally covered--by eruptions. How much local talk is there about the idea that maybe they should all permanently move to another part of the island, and this area should be closed from future development? Any new construction is just tempting fate.

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Do you publish a list of puppy mills, so people can be aware and speak with their elected officials?

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This is not meant to be a "don't waste your vote on a third party" because both political parties have failed us. If you win, how do you plan on making headway through their utterly corrupt practices of quid pro quo vote bartering and the bullying of junior members to vote in unison with the party?

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The quid pro quo deals are dirty and necessary at the same time--more of a Schrödinger's cat so to speak. In addition to national and globally minded concerns, the 23rd district has needs that are entirely local. You would be representing residents of Miami Beach and many inland communities. There is an international airport and a canal running from the Everglades to consider among so many other priorities. It's all but guaranteed that you will have to make deals to ensure the 23rd district's needs are considered.

Since it's not likely for a freshman member of Congress from an unaffiliated party to find much success in introducing legislation, your options could be limited to convincing committee members to add measures to existing bills and proposals. Another option is to be a fly in the ointment, and we need a whole army of those in Washington.

Hell, what we really need is full transparency powered by a massive ERP-type of system that gives the American public easy access to all manner of non-national security information. We should be able to audit spending at a granular level. If I want to know, for example, why an interstate highway interchange and 4 miles of concrete lanes in each direction originally constructed 12 years ago have had to be scraped and resurfaced twice since then with another resurfacing project pending--and how those repair were funded--I should be able to dig through that without massive barriers thrown at accessing the data.

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What if you don't remember any of your dreams? The only time I ever have even the slightest clue that I was dreaming is when I hit the snooze and catch an extra bit of sleep. Everything before my initial wake up is a complete blank. Always has been.