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loreoesify3 karma

I'm going to check you out. I'm 27F and I've been in chronic pain for my entire memory, still without diagnosis but at least have acknowledgement, I'm finding it hard balancing relief (use cannabis) and being a successful functioning human being. Hopeful you'll highlight an anevue for improvement.

How do you manage brain fog though? Actually manage, and not just survive?

loreoesify2 karma

Thank you for your response and information. I think I could do with requesting empathy as you've highlighted here.

Possibly greedy: my brain fog at times is difficult to differentiate between disassociation anf/or depersonalisation. Has your pain/condition forced these states on you? If they have, do you have an identifying/coping strategy?

Very grateful for your time, and I'm very hopeful about your channel. Goodluck in your path x