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My ex boyfriend was South African and I still believe to this day that a part of the break down of the relationship was due to language. I feel kinder and more thoughtful when I speak Arabic and French. Speaking English to someone close to me feels, to me, like an immense wall of distance that can't be climbed.

I feel exactly the same way. Being a non-native English speaker, that has learned and read/spoke English for most of his life I feel quite confident expressing myself in English and connecting more easily with other people. However since I now live in France and am speaking French most of the time I never feel that I have the same level of expression and I think this is a major problem with communicating your feelings and thoughts correctly, especially with people you want to feel closer. And I was hoping that could change with time when I became more fluent with the language (since I only started learning French from 0 about two years ago, and I've been living here only for an year and a half), but your response seem to disprove that.

So my questions is, do you think there's a way to break that "wall of distance" down? Even if the other person learns French or Arabic, do you think the wall will stay there until he's really fluent in the language? Or do you think there's a way for you to get more comfortable with English? Like living in an English speaking country, working more with English, just speaking more often etc.?

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Wow, thanks for the AMA!

So, first, to thank you for creating The Reistance. I just received it this Saturday and played my first games on Saturday and Sunday and had a lot of fun. It was everything I expected, and more.

Now some questions: An interesting fact that I learned today is that it seems that in the Czech Republic (as well as Slovakia, probably) The Resistance was released as (basically) a completely visually remade game called "Mafie" (Mafia).
As far as I understood, there's a Czech board games publisher who publishes a lot of Czech versions of popular games.

From what I saw in boardgamegeek, it's the only version of the Resistance that has changed the art style.

So my questions about it: First, is it official? If yes, Why the change of the art style? Why the change of the name? Did you actually have a saying in it, or it was entirely the publisher's decision?

Next, another question about a version of the game. It seems (again according to boardgamegeek) that there was a version of the game for print and play, but it's no longer available. Why has that changed? You wanted to become popular by giving players the opportunity to print it themselves but you no longer need it now, so it's a way of not getting more profits? (btw I tried my best so that it doesn't sound biased, I'm not saying it's bad or good, I would just like to know more).

And now some gameplay (of The Resistance: Avalon, not the original game) questions:
Since I just played my first few games, everyone was a beginner, so we decided to only play with basic roles, no Merlin, no assassin. It was fun, but spies were winning most of the time.
Anyway, question - what is the best way to deal with good guys submitting Fail cards on a quest as an error or a "smart" play? So far we've called it and stopped the game every time we noticed, and it's kind of annoying that we have to break the game, but I think it's better than the alternative, when we found out in the end of the game that one of the good guys played it as an accident and therefore threw us completely away for the whole game...
Another newbie question - do you think this way of playing, first vanilla (no roles, not even Merlin) is good for complete newbies? When do you think we should add those roles? And when the rest of the roles?

I recently saw some interesting discussion about what is legal in the game and what not. Basically, it seems that short of flipping up your character card, different players have different ideas what's legal.
Whispering and winking seems to be OK to some people, some define that everything over the table is fine, so no kicking under it, but some think it's fine too, and can be used by Merlin, spies or both.
And I personally was thinking about speaking in another language (because the group I played with is anyway international and we all speak English, even though it's not the first language for any of us) to either give information to fellow spies or even just to explain my ideas to someone more clearly.
So where do you draw the line?

Do you think it's possible to accommodate more than ten people in a game of The Resistance? Or it becomes too hard to manage so it's no longer fun?

Do you have a preferred number of players to play with?

And finally, how do you see the future of The Resistance? Expansions for either the base with more plot cards, or Avalon with more roles?
Another re-skin with different mechanics?

Thank you again for doing this AMA. I guess the questions became quite a few in the end, I hope you'll have time to read it and answer as many as you can/would like.

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