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You killed my father, prepare to work with me!

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The "golden goose" comment is a very important consideration, which is not reflected in the press at all. As far as I know, you are the first one who mentioned it.

Demoralizing the public spirit will also have a long lasting economical effect

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When some of the living directors die, I'll find them inspirational.

That would be very nice of them.

But seriously, please continue inspiring people with your movies.

EDIT: with your new movies that is.

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Most of the news enterntainment oulets are lining up facts to form an opinion.

You can say: Michael Brown was shot by Officer Wilson acting in self defence.

Or you could say: Michael Brown is dead, investigation will show whether officer Wilson was acting in self defense.

You could say: residents looted the local stores. Or you could say: it is being determined whether residents of Fergusson or outsiders had looted the local stores.

You could say black teenager was shot by white police officer six times

Or you could say: non-cooperating and erratic jaywalker was shot by police veteran in altercation.

And so on.

So, reporting facts is a questionable goal of the media.

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By "officially" do you mean by Russian media or Ukrainian media or both?

Who is controlling Ukrainian media at the moment? Current temporary government?