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If you’re going to host an AMA, the onus is on you, instead of “you can look it up.”

longtermthrowawayy6 karma

Are you not self cognizant of the fact the US is only using the Uighurs as a political piece? Why are you not campaigning for your muslim brothers and sister in Yemen? In Palenstine?

longtermthrowawayy3 karma

The question pertained to the ama hosts role and relationship with the US government that detained the Uighur. Hardly off-topic given the potential conflict of interest.

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They weren’t being viewed as enemies yet detained in gitmo? They got the friends and relatives treatment?

Given the existence of the Islamic extremist elements in the Uighur population in China, do you prefer an “education reform,” Guantanamo bay style interrogation, or the American way via indiscriminate bombing?