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One detail I forgot on the post: how the prize money is split!

$250,000 for my post-secondary (scholarship only, not cash)

$100,000 for my school for a new science lab

$50,000 for my science/math teacher

If I could've used the money otherwise... I'd regret not getting Tesla stocks ;)

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yes, educational prizes :) The exposure from the whole experience is crazy though! A lot more than money happening (although the money is definitely a lot, I can study abroad if I want to now)

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Yes, I'm thinking of going to school in the States (not sure where yet). And I don't receive anything if I don't use whole amount

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Quantum tunneling is the reason our phone/device chips can only be so small. The particles flowing through the chip's floodgates (i think it's called?) could end up tunneling out of the gates if the chip is too small. I think of it as the reminder of our 'limit warning' with how small our tech can get before we do new things.

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  1. hmm... maybe some fun YouTube channels like all of PBS digital studios (crash course, physics girl, the origin of everything, etc), ASAPscience, veritasium, scishow, there are so many to look up to and get inspired! I also really love the docuseries Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey, maybe he might like it? also, let the interest happen organically, if that makes sense
  2. ahaha, my video process is kinda funny. I don't have expensive programs and such, I illustrated on my laptop (i make digital art already), put them on Google Slides and 'animated' them on there and screen recorded the presentation and stuck it all together on iMovie (and my friend on LumaFusion). My laptop had a broken keyboard and screen and my friend's ipad was all shattered. sooooo, it doesn't take much to get started!
  3. I love khan academy haha, i've been a user since 2010/11ish. I definitely give them a shoutout in interviews when I can (I would've never found out about the Challenge if they weren't partners with them!)