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On the business side of things what are the most difficult challenges to overcome for beverage entrepreneurs? Any tips/resources for those of us that like you want to make a dent in the space.

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What are your thoughts on asteroid mining as portrayed in sci-fi movies? Is it feasible? If so would governments or private space programs be the first to do so?What type of minerals can be found on asteroids that would merit the costs of extraction?

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What are your thoughts on services and tools that use artificial intelligence to generate unique compositions based on mood, film type, etc. slowly rolling out? Can you see yourself using some of these tools to enhance your creative process or are you skeptical that computers can mimic the art of what you do?

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Hi Tommy,

Injuries are clearly a big part of the game. What approach are the wizards taking when it comes to implementing new technologies/strategies like load management? If you had to put a number figure on the cost of injuries on your bottom line what ballpark would it be millions, tens, or hundreds?

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Which one of your film scoring peers would you consider an idol? Have you had a chance to work or meet with him/her? If so, what did you learn/how was it like meeting them? If not, what did you learn from his/her work from a distance?