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As much as you probably hear this from every lesbian who's ever watched The L Word, I just want to thank you for your gift. You gave us a voice and also gave the public a view of lesbian life/relationships not completely dependent on our sexuality. I'm a mixed race lesbian from Virginia and without that show, I don't know how I would've ever come out or even truly accepted myself as NORMAL. There was no one like me. I'm 27, I've moved to LA, and I came out to my religious, republican parents two days ago. I'm not ashamed and I'm not hiding! So thank you for being that voice I didn't have, that face to look up to, and the inspiration to live my life happily. Woman, you rock!!!!

But, this is an AMA, so I should ask a question. Was there a single, most significant film, tv show, or piece of art that made a surprising impact on your life? (As an artist, I'm sure your answer is yes, of course) What is it?

And THANK YOU. See you in Dinah Vegas!! (Haha, riiiight)

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'We don't serve anyone by hiding our light under the bed'

That's incredibly poetic and inspiring. Thanks for your reply and I'll absolutely be backing your campaign(s).

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