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Will you be willing to continue doing this with your dad until you're at least 18? I would be fascinated if this could be a continuing trend as you get older!

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Hi Adam! Love the show.

Are there any topics you wanted to ruin but we're faced with threats of legal action? What about topics you suspect you'd be able to ruin If there was more research supporting your suspicions?

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How recently have you re-watched the old cartoons? While I can appreciate the warm blanket of nostalgia it makes me feel, the original was painfully cheesy.

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What triumph bit was your personal favorite, and why?

Did any of your segments land you in a bunch of trouble?

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Not to be "that guy", but have any proof?

The only thing you attached to the OP doesn't identify you as related to the person in the case cited, and while an interesting read, you could just have easily found this information and are claiming to be his child.