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Two words

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I like the Queen Borg villain too. But, I have to say, when they introduced her, I was disappointed. Not because of the character.

I always liked how alien the Borg were. Truly a multicellular organism with no hierarchy. When the queen was introduced, the Borg somehow became more familiar and thus less fearsome.

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If Jesus turned water into wine, how come there's still water?

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As Iran is a signatory to the NPT, the UN is rightfully concerned about potential abrogation. However, isn't Iran becoming a nuclear power a rational response to recent history in the region? In particular, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and (mostly US) troop presence in the region and the fact that a notable nuclear pariah state -- North Korea -- has a low-risk of invasion. Also, how can we differentiate between hype and reality with regard to Iran becoming a nuclear power?

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Hi. While clearly the executives at big financial product houses haven't been held accountable for their behavior, I am concerned that one important industry has been somewhat ignored, specifically, the ratings houses like Moody's and Standard & Poor's. These companies fostered bad behavior by hiding the real investment risk with circumspect ratings. Do you have thoughts on this?