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Hi! :) I travel a lot for work, if I want to put the products in tiny travel size containers, like little plastic bottles, will they have a negative interaction with the plastic (i.e. direct Acids, AHA, Retinoid, serums), or is it ok? :)

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Hi Prudvi! :) So great you're doing this! The Hylamide Glow Booster says it uses erythrulose instead of DHA to give a tan, as DHA has been shown to increase free radicals when exposed to UV rays. Will erythrulose increase the production of free radicals too but at a lower rate than DHA, or it doesn't increase the production of free radicals at all?

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So happy to know it's safe, thank you for your patience answering questions! :)

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Hi Prudvi! :) What is the effect of Argireline on the skin? Will it actually make the muscles move less ("like" Botox)?

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Thanks for answering, you're the best 🙌🏻