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locked_noumena6 karma

Hey man, me and some friends saw you at the Nashville show some time last year and then the next week went to Clarksville and I said hello first because my two other friends were too nervous to approach the lead singer of Detroit's most influential band ever. Of course all I could do was ramble about how we were big fans - been a fan of yours since 2006 when I was literally 12, wow! Illuminati Bees is brilliant btw, Duran Duran & Gay Colors are great songs.

My question: What is the creative process like for E6? Any chance for a curveball-type album like Vampyre? Not expecting musique concrete or a harsh noise/industrial album or anything, but...well, maybe that would be interesting, actually. I always thought KILL had this very dirty synthy/kind of experimental feel to it (Egyptian Cowboy, Body Shot, and the proletarian anthem I Belong In a Factory come to mind immediately). I mean that in a very good way... Vampyre felt like a pretty experimental album in a way as well and while the albums after that I've enjoyed (particularly Bride of the Devil) they felt fairly "straightforward" (again, in that classic E6 way, so they were of course very good).

looking forward to the hopefully inevitable October release....