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How much money does this profession make?

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Too soon.

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I'm an American and used to live in Tajikistan in 2007. Even though we had Bush working his foreign policy magic, I felt safe and welcome, most of the time.

  1. Have you ever been to Tajikistan? Any connection?
  2. Any tips on where to go in Afghanistan, or travel tips for that area (apart from generally being careful/not being a dingus.)

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I'm interested in international development, but all good graduate programs require experience in the field. Any tips on how to do this in an innovative way?

Also, where do you see international development going? What are we doing wrong, and what should we do?

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Yes, sorry I meant they strongly prefer that you get experience in the field first. And yes, I'm in the US, just finished undergrad in film production. 25 years old.

I would like to utilize my film background to support various intl development projects and organizations. But I also want to be able to do more than just tell the stories. I want to be a part of them. Not sure exactly how or where to focus though, and graduate school would (hopefully) help me attain that specificity. Sorry for the ambiguity.