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Does keidmil come from the Irish cead mille failte roth which is 100 thousand welcomes in english always though I heard other stuff like dol blathanna...... Blathanna being the Irish for flowers love to know these were inspired by the Irish language as its kind of dying out here in Ireland sadly.

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Ah apologies I didn't think of it from the perspective that it had been created originally in the books it was just from myself and friends hearing the pronunciations in the TV adaptation that had us questioning whether some of it had been influenced by the Irish language so I assumed it was you that had created it...

Thank you so much for answering anyway your work is great, language is probably the most fundamental thing to building a race or culture.

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Does much of the witchers language come from Irish I see some similarities like keadmil = cead mille failte roite which means 100 thousand welcomes and dol blathanna with blathanna meaning flowers in Irish?

Interested to know because our language is kind of dying out here in Ireland which is sad. Would be great to see it being used in media.

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That's very interesting thank you, never thought about how existing prejudice or assumptions maybe is a better word, could play into pulling an emotion from an audience towards a character or race when it comes to creating a dialect