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It's expensive, though the price is constantly dropping, so that shouldn't be an issue later.

It still uses amniotic fluid ( I think it's either amniotic fluid or the embryo, correct me if I'm wrong) from cows, which is an issue because it still requires cows. This can be overcome by finding a way of synthesizing the amniotic fluid.

Another huge hurtle to overcome is public perception. A lot of people think it's gross or "unnatural".

I'm really rooting for it though. It needs to happen to lower methane emissions. I'm obviously not the OP and am by no means an expert. I just read a lot about it because it excites me.

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Do you have to clean the spores out? Or leave them as is?

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So is raising animals, selectively breeding them, pumping them full of chemicals, and storing them in a barn. It's all relative.