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Thank you for sharing your experiences!

What was your opinion of other Germans during and after the war? How did you see your neighbors given everything you learned in your life?

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Dr. Cosby,

I wanted to tell you how much your career has meant to me. You taught me about the power of education and a good work ethic at a time when other comedians were making their living on being big dumb husbands.

What I wanted to ask was this: do you have a sense of optimism about young people? If so, where does it come from?

Thanks for everything. I'm looking forward to your show in a couple of hours!

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My first exposure to McCoy Tyner was at a jazz club in Seattle. I watched him ball up his fist and hit the piano with it, and chords came out. It was like a magic trick.

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Does that include the shirts from PAX West? "Fill this man with cream," for example?

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Your talks on optimizing for the life of the programmer, the game development cycle, and so on make a number of very valuable observations. I introduced several of my software engineering students to them, and still find the talks to be relevant despite changes in the available tools or technology.

Now that The Witness is complete, how would you say the insights you expressed in those talks have held up? Are there any nuances that you've discovered over the years of development since Braid wrapped up?