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When learning about how videogames were made, it feels like graphic artists and programmers often had to work hand in hand and use a lot of clever tricks to get the max out of a system. Nowadays, it feels like everybody relies on the power of the hardware and only a few softs are really optimised. Is this really true ? Do some still get stuff thought to be imossible out of current gen hardware ?

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you said previously that Photopea runs offline once loaded. How big is the software ? I'm asking because it is definitely faster to open www.photopea.com than to open Photoshop, which do not have to be downloaded !

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What gives negative cases such importance in your opinion? What specific data may be overlooked?

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You offer deals from USA and Canada. What should I look for to get some equivalent deals, but from Europe ?

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Half a pack? Those are rookie numbers! /s