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Which, itself, is a flawed game plan. If Jeb Bush had a reddit account, I don't think any good would come of it. His people would actively encourage him to avoid at all costs. Same goes for any other celebrity who's ever pissed off reddit. So we're really talking about engaging a liberally-slanted, already-liked-by-reddit subset of the celebrities/whomever. Now imagine this: the circlejerk will be so intense that it may create a singularity that sucks like, really, really hard. So hard everything gets sucked in by the suck.

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Hello All! Thanks for taking the time! I'd like to get your opinion concerning the following:

Daniel Castro, co-author of “Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses,” is another opponent of legislation like H.R. 3523. Castro believes “Federal efforts to address cybersecurity are a study in contradiction.” He explains that “Policy makers demand secure systems that are able to withstand assault by well-funded foreign adversaries and are impenetrable to attack, while at the same time insisting on digital tools capable of penetrating enemy networks and allowing the United States to engage in cyber warfare.”

Also, I was wondering if you could share your thoughts concerning Danny Hillis' TED talk which was just recently added to the TED collection.

If you haven't seen it; Hillis argues that that the internet has become so integrated into our daily routine that we often times don't even realize we are using it (buying gasoline with a credit card, for instance). He warns that too much dependency could lead to disaster in the future if the internet were to suddenly crash and there was no proper backup, or plan b, in place. Thoughts?