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llobotommy4 karma

Quantum computers have been around for some time now. Has the underlying technology / hardware changed much since the first iterations or is the ‘quantum’ in the title more of a grading of the use case for such machines? Disclaimer: I know little to nothing about these things only that they’re on the bleeding edge of tech.

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Are hackers susceptible to other hacker group attacks? I know nothing of the culture, but I imagine it to be some kind of online gang turf war. Or is it more a case of hacker groups testing themselves against each other to strengthen their skills?

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Thank you for the detailed answer. When you say ‘try things with them’, what are the most likely use-cases? Obviously that’s a broad question, but what question do quantum computers answer regular computers can’t cope with?

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Ah I think I used a quantum computer once. Back when I had a 56k modem, I was downloading a file and the remaining time was 938 years. Suddenly, I assume the quantum qubits kicked in, it was only 13 days and I got my copy of Curse of Monkey Island in two weeks!