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Hey mate, Serb here. Firstly, I'd like to say sorry that you had to go through all that. My parents made it to Australia and have since stayed since 1991 so they avoided all the bad things that were happening (dad was from Ilijas and mum was from Serbia). I can't speak about what it's like over there between the two but I know when I went to visit my grandma and grandpas grave in Ilijas, I was yelled at from passing cars.

Growing up raised amongst Serbs, not once was hate mentioned against Bosnia or the Cros. But when I started mingling in with kids my age they all carried their pride. I immediately removed myself from the group because our parents were fortunate enough to escape the brutal frontlines where we were lucky to not have been affected personally but yet they want to involve themselves? not to mention, our parents never spoke about the dreadful things so why should we? Didn't sit right with me.

We've copped it to, we were killed bombed massacres the lot, so did the Cros. Everyone copped it left right and centre and I'm sure if we sat victims in seperate rooms (1 Serb, 1 Bosnian, 1 Cro) they'd all have similar stories of how they've lost friends, family homes etc.

In any war, or genocide massacre etc I feel no one should carry the hate or boast about what the other side's done if they haven't been affected personally. Again, I'm sorry for what happen and I hope that eventually, there is atleast somewhat peace.

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It's just shitty how it's all turned out. I have love for anyone who shows me the same and I am thankful for not having to go through those horrible times. I'm not excusing the actions against your nation (on numerous occasions) but it goes both ways. It's disgusting to think that anyone with capable power would happily have these things happen. At the end of the day, everyone has someone that cares about them. Like I said tensions maybe high overseas, but here I think most of us from all three sides have gotten somewhat over it unless they've lost someone themselves. Even then my best friend in highschool lost her grandpa in the Srebrenica massacre but I was still welcome in their home and even would join them in their fast for a day or two....

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Yep, super lucky! I wish everyone could've just ticked a yes or no box about escaping. Would've caused alot less headache to billions of families.

I think everything that happen was a really important lesson, without those teachings I think it would've happen in this day and age. Which would be alot uglier....

Bosnia is amazing! Been there two times and never get sick of it! Hopefully going again next year

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You don't hear about the genocides and massacres against the Serbs because it doesn't fit the western timeline. Go a bit deeper in your research and it will show your answers. Serbs Bosniaks and Croatians had committed war crimes against each other.