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I'm a straight guy so the only thing I know about the taste of semen is how a friend described it to me: like baking soda. Does it really taste salty? And I've read that the flavour changes depending on the man's diet. Is there a tasty way that semen can taste that women go wild for?

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What are common diagnoses that you've had to deal with?

Are psychiatric hospitals really like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or other movies?

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So it's important to have a different pen name for each kind of smut. How many pen names do you have?

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the smell, the taste,

How do you describe the scent and taste of vagina? What about semen?

What other kinds of smells are there that can help create a more sensory impression on the reader?

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Where do you get ideas for those raunchy scenes? I'd like to write smut/erotica but I'm not much of a perv to have much of an imagination and I fear whatever I write isn't going to be realistic. I feel like I have to steal ideas for it to be believable.