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My issue isn't that it's too hard, it's that all the old-timers are vocally opposed to any sort of expansion unless there's already a substantial volume of discussion about it on Usenet. Which leads to a beautiful chicken-and-egg problem when (to take one example) nobody's discussing Genshin Impact on Usenet because there isn't even a group for MMOs, or cross-platform games.

That being said, there's precedent for the takeover of unused groups for unrelated purposes, so there's nothing stopping the Genshin fanbase (or BTS stans, or dogecoin enthusiasts, or antivaxxers...) from colonizing, say, talk.rumors...

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The Big 8 hierarchy hasn't had a group added in eight years, and for the last decade (at least) has had more group deletions than additions. Some areas, like rec.games, are painfully outdated in topicality.

Do you foresee a future where a Big 8 group gets created again? If so, under what fantastical circumstances?

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If you could pick any one Big-8 group to again reach the absurd levels of activity and vibrancy of the early '90s, which?