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ljzmcm142 karma

In high school our web filter had your site blocked. Feeling particularly strong about this (people, it's satire), I approach the IT guy at our school to ask if he had done it manually. Conversation went something like:

Me: Hey, are you aware the maddox.xmission.com site is on our block list? Was that automatic or did you do that?

Him (looking up from his bag of cheez-its): That would be me.

Me: Why? Is there any reason for (blah blah blah questioning authority).

Him (spraying spit, and cheez-its): HE MADE FUN OF LORD OF THE RINGS

Me: Wow, just - wow. Can you remove it please?

I left after that but a few days later it was removed :D

Btw, what's your traffic to your site been like after this IAMA?