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I wrote my thesis on CML treatment 10 years ago - adherence to your meds is key and it has very positive outcomes for patients that do. I know when I was writing in the standard was gleevec and they were just changing to tasigna. I haven’t kept up with it but gleevec was a mind blowing drug at the time. Good luck !!!

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this is so chilling to read, i remember that day so clearly and watching the towers was so scary. Unfortunately, I had a direct view as well :(

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Contact Novartis - they have a coupon program for their oncology drugs (I wrote my grad school thesis on imatinib persistency and one of the big factors in low medication persistency was (obvi) economic factors). Good luck and message me if you need a connect !

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Yes my model showed the factors of non adherence which a lot was due to cost, comorbidities, etc - I can message you the abstract if you’d like - it’s published so it’s just a link :)

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I’m so happy to hear that, I spent a lot of time investigating the outcomes of it and have always been a huge proponent of medication adherence :) I know it sounds silly to say take your meds but it really shows the difference !