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I’ve found throughout my life that business owners tend to want employees who are highly experienced, but not pay the price that comes with that experience.

I have a resume that is about five pages long, everybody who looks at my resume says it it extremely impressive. I have a Masters degree. Yet I’ve never had a wage that was commensurate with my experience. When I apply to jobs that are higher paying, I never hear back. When I apply to jobs that are a similar job description but entry level wages, I almost always hear back.

I have received phone calls from gas stations, fast food places etc. for minimum wage. They admit in interviews that I am highly overqualified but those are some of the only people who will hire me.

What’s the career secret to getting a job at a place that is at my skill level and earns a decent salary?

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I got a degree (bachelors and masters) in something completely unrelated to acting. Should I take it off my acting resume completely and just have nothing for the education section? Thank you!!!