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Okay, so i'm going to ask, why haven't anyone in the western world heard this? I was never taught about this in America, why did it happen? What was the point of it?

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My parents brought me illegally when I was 3 years old, since then, they worked odd hours of the night, they would work from 5am-11pm every day. We have been here 19 years & since then, my parents have made a business & they hire American citizens. We were dirt poor when we came here & while many people don't see as American, I would die for this country. I know nothing about the country where I was born, i know more about America than some Americans know about it. It sucks to be in a country where you're not wanted but you also had no choice but to be brought here.

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I stopped eating pork after I had to dissect a piglet for science class. But, I think there should be a safe more humane way to end their pain...

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Eh, it's already happening with the war on terrorism. We used to be all for it but now that years have passed, you can see that a lot of people are against it now that they know what the U.S. Is really doing.

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Will this vaccine be able to prevent or to fight it? Will it be able to work with people who currently have HIV or AIDS?