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I think this is a really sweet question and I really can't think of anything specific at the moment. I would like to think I'm resourceful and resilient!

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It really depends on where I am. I grew up in a rural town in SE Asia and I used to just get called "ghost" a lot.

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I was thinking of a way to answer them but this is exactly it. It's not always what they say but also how they say it.

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I used to live in a small town in SE Asia and there was quite a lot of superstition. Curses, condemnations upon my family ..all that jazz. Of course, people also thought I "must" be half Caucasian (implying adultery on the part of my mother) which wasn't great in a traditional community either.

I used to get called ghost a lot and when I walked on the streets, people who stare or glare and children would often come up to me and point or even just touch my hair without asking when I was at a restaurant.

I live in Europe now and that has made things a liiiitttle easier because people stare a little more discreetly now!

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I am. Besides self-image issues (which impacts all areas of life), being visually impaired means that my partner helps me with seeing steps on the sidewalks or uneven streets etc.