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I suffer from a condition called salicylate sensitivity. I cannot consume any salicylates, nor can I use any cosmetics or household products that contain salicylates. Salicylate sensitivity was once very rare, but is now steadily growing among the general population. Since most plants contain salicylates in their leaves and/or fruit and or/seeds, I cannot eat 99% of fruits and vegetables.

Some people theorize that genetic modification has INCREASED the amounts of salicylates that plants produce, and I'm wondering if this is true? If so, we're likely consuming far more salicylates than ever before. An overabundance of salicylates is definitely aggravating things for myself and other sufferers of salicylate sensitivity, and some people even believe that it's leading to the development of the illness.

littlesparrow710 karma

Ha! With the little I can eat, I actually get most of what I need...surprisingly. I also can't eat any preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings, etc...so I'm actually really healthy. I'm more healthy than most other 31 year olds. :) I take vitamin powder, and can also have vitamins/minerals intravenously if needed. I haven't needed that so far, although there are some with my disorder who also have a shitload of other intolerances that need intravenous vitamins quite regularly.

One cool thing to consider: the Inuit don't eat fruit and vegetables, and they are fine. They do eat kelp from time to time, but all the other vitamins that normally come from vegetables in a typical Western diet, they get from eating raw meat and organs.