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Sure. A flat is a vertical piece of scenery, or a wall. It's counterpart is a platform; a horizontal piece of scenery, or a floor. A Broadway flat is a wood frame with fabric (canvas, duvatine, muslin, etc) stretched and stapled over it. It's then painted to look like whatever the designer has dictated. Wall, landscape, etc. A Hollywood flat is a wood frame covered with a wood sheet good (luaun, MDF, or thin plywood are common). Then the wood gets whatever paint treatment. It's called a Hollywood flat because when they started building scenery for tv, fabric covered flats didn't look as good or realistic on camera.

This is a really basic overview. There are endless permutations here.

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Any update on the Sweethome pillow recommendation? The current recommendation is on sale today, should I just go with that?

In other news, I'm debating between the Nexus 5x and the Galaxy S6. Do you guys have any thoughts or insight that could help me decide? Is the Verizon sale price on the S6 good enough to make that the deciding factor?

Thanks guys! I use both websites to make a lot of my buying decisions so thanks for being here today!

EDIT: Forgot to ask, are there any items for which its usually better to wait for Cyber Monday?