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Huh, that's so interesting. Thanks for clarifying - I forget to listen with a critical ear sometimes. Well - here's your chance, set the record straight. What was misrepresented/what do you wish had been done differently?

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This sounds familiar - was it you on the Criminal podcast? I loved that episode.

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I might give it a re-listen as well, more critically - thanks for this response. Just to let you know, in case the unbiased opinion of a complete stranger makes you feel any better, I didn't think you came off badly or narcissistic or anything. You seemed candid and genuine and decent and it was pretty endearing. Also I sort of love the idea of you having robbed banks, been in prison, etc etc, and regretting nothing apart from this one interview. That makes them REAL slimy.

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The concept of the technological singularity absolutely terrifies me. Like I probably shouldn't be in this thread at all, lest I accidentally read something that freaks me out. So my questions are: can you please tell me I have nothing to worry about? / are we all going to die one day because of robots? / do you ever worry that your work will contribute to the downfall of humanity?

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Hey Erik! My question is, are you looking for a 32 year old wife by any chance? Or just like someone to send presents to?